Darcy Lever Cricket Club bowled over with Movetech UK’s support


Movetech UK are happy to announce they have recently become the proud sponsors of Darcy Lever Cricket Club, a local family run cricket club located in the heart of a historic Bolton village in north-west England.

As a local family-run business, Movetech UK are very passionate when it comes to supporting neighbouring groups and charities. So when the opportunity came along to form a relationship with the local sports group, they jumped at the opportunity and offered an open armed partnership to support the club throughout their 2016 season.

James Walsh-Hill, the clubs captain was delighted with Movetech UK’s choice to help and support the club. He said: “The cricket team is an absolute pleasure to be a part of and they continue to make myself and everyone involved with the club very proud.

“When support like this comes along, we grasp it with both hands and the club as a whole are extremely grateful. We can’t thank Movetech UK enough for their sponsorship and support they have offered us, and I look forward to a long term successful partnership.

He then went on to say: “This year [2016] represents an important year for the cricketing side of the club as we embark upon our maiden season in the newly expanded Bolton Cricket League. Therefore we are very keen to do well on the field but remain as ambitious as ever to continue to improve the infrastructure and facilities of the club.

“We have many exciting developments currently in the pipeline, such as a new members’ lounge and training facilities, so it’s great to know it isn’t just the team who will benefit from the generous support Movetech UK has given us, the community as a whole will benefit, and for that we are truly grateful.”

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK’s Managing Director added: “Supporting local groups like Darcy Lever Cricket Club helps us, also a family-run business, to build relationships and strong ties with our neighbouring community.”

“It’s not only a good feeling knowing you’re making a difference and supporting the future of a local group, but knowing you’re investing in something many people can be a part of. We [Movetech UK] will continue to help and support the club throughout the year and wish them every luck for the 2016 season.”

For more information on Darcy Lever Cricket Club visit the clubs website. Alternatively you can also take a look at their official Facebook and Twitter pages.

Take a look at Movetech UK’s Our Community page to see what other local community projects and events Movetech UK have been involved in.

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