Boat Show spin for Movetech UK


When Codex International Exhibitions needed a large turntable for the London Boat Show to make a dummy boat spin and inflate the sails, they turned to Movetech UK to make it happen. The result was a stand that attracted hundreds of visitors throughout the run of the show and impressed everyone who saw it.

Kyle Sherwood of Codex says: “We needed a large turntable for us to position our dummy boat on so that we could demonstrate the properties of the Cruising Chute, a high performance sail designed for coastal cruising.
“We required a solid base for the demonstrations to take place, and we also needed full control over the direction in which the turntable turned.

“Movetech UK came up with the goods, providing us with various specification sheets and diagrams, each showing sizes and weight restrictions, which made it easy for us to choose the right revolve. The 4 metre diameter revolving stage with extendable sections was perfect for the job.

“Staff on the Cruising Chute demo loved the look and control they had over the turntable. Using a single button they could instantly move the direction of the dummy boat, allowing the sails to fill with the air being created by a fan tower. This meant that the demo looked and felt as real as possible.

“The sheer size of the display attracted hundreds of visitors a day, and the fact that the whole thing moved so smoothly had viewers in awe.

“The Cruising Chute display, with its 11 metres high sail and 7 metres high wind towers, could be seen from some distance, and we’re delighted to say that our client has given us very positive feedback on the final look and feel of the demonstration.”

Movetech UK offers a wide range of revolving stages to rent, ideal for the exhibitions and events industry, where only short term or occasional use of the movement is required. Renting equipment also keeps pricing to a minimum and obviates the need for storage.

Full installation, breakdown and on site services are available, and Movetech UK will also design and build movement to order to create the extra wow factor for any event.

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