Movetech UK helps Polyurethane Progress back on track


When Polyurethane Progress lost their materials handling turntables in a fire at their Wakefield plant in 2010, Movetech UK came to the rescue by supplying two replacement floor mounted manual turntables. And, in order to get Polyurethane Progress quickly back to work, Movetech UK pulled out all the stops to get the turntables built and delivered in super-quick time.

“Polyurethane Progress actually supply us with covers and decks for some of our display range turntables,” explains Movetech UK’s Technical Director, David Houghton, “and they’ve always given us excellent service. We felt it was only right and fair that we should return the compliment.”

The turntables, each 1.5 metres in diameter with a 150 kg capacity, are used to fill the moulds that make balls for hurling before being sent to India and Ireland to be wrapped in leather.

Jordan Cook, a director at Polyurethane Progress, is delighted with the service and speed of the turn round; “Having to fill anything from 18,000–20,000 moulds per month we need to work 24/7 to keep on top of the game,” he explains.

“Using turntables makes the process simple, as the foam machine can be kept in a fixed position whilst allowing the moulds to be filled quickly and easily. In fact there’s no real alternative; the sheer volume could otherwise create a major headache for us.

“We’re really grateful to Movetech UK for helping us out of a tight spot.”

The plastics moulding company, which carries out injection and cast moulding in various materials, supplies the base and top castings for Movetech UK’s B200 series as well as drive wheels for the Midi, Maxi and MJ21 ranges.

In addition to an extensive standard product portfolio, Movetech UK offers a range of services which extends from pre-project advice and project design, through to delivery, installation, maintenance and calibration. Recent projects include: bespoke built 2.5m diameter turntables for cleaning buoys for Trinity House; a 100 tonne capacity air film transporter to move and store transformers round LCP’s Burntwood facility; and the supply of JUNG jacks and machinery skates to Flowserve and Hawke to move and install heavy machinery quickly and safely.

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