Movetech UK wows customers at Williams BMW


Two 5 metre diameter revolves from Movetech UK have created the wow factor for customers of the Williams BMW dealership in Bolton. Unusually, the turntables are not being used to draw attention to new models in the showroom. Instead they have been installed in the car collection area, where customers are stunned to find their new pride and joy gently turning and ready to be driven off.

The concept for using the revolving stages in this way is the brainchild of Nick Cook, MD of the family-owned Williams Group, who worked closely with the architects on the design of the new showrooms, with the aim of creating the best BMW distributorship in the world.

Dealer Principal, Robert Hirst, explains: “Nick Cook is highly creative and forward thinking. He simply wanted our showroom to stand out from the competition by offering a completely different experience from your average car dealership.

“His concept for the turntables is inspired. They certainly exceed customers’ expectations of buying BMW and encourage customer loyalty. They’re completely overwhelmed when they enter the collection area and find their car revolving, so much so, in fact, that we’ve even had tears of joy to deal with!

“Not only that, but other BMW dealers visit us to see what we’ve done that’s so special. Without exception, they go away impressed and determined to be creative in their own showrooms.”

The Movetech UK revolves are from a standard range of revolving stages that can be flush-fitted into the floor. Perfect for new build showrooms, their low profile also makes them ideal for retro-fitting into more established premises. As a showroom tool they are extremely effective in driving sales of new models as they catch the eye and allow customers to view the car from all angles. Wherever they are used they create a wow factor that adds value to the offering.

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