Bolton businessman’s dreams come true


A Bolton businessman with a highly successful manufacturing and engineering company of more than 50 years standing behind him has realised a long held ambition to write and publish a novel.

John Entwistle’s first foray into fiction, Dreams Really Do Come True asks the question: “What would you do with a winning lottery ticket?” and explores the life-changing experiences of a man down on his luck. It is a novel of despair and hope, with a good measure of hard work and luck thrown in.

This may be John Entwistle’s first novel but not his first book. In 2008 he wrote his autobiography, Bolton Born and Bred, which tells of the joys and tribulations of starting and building his own business. In 1959 he founded the Bolton Turntable Company, which has subsequently grown from strength to strength under the British Turntable Company and Movetech UK names. Still active in the business as Chairman, John passed the reins of management to his son, Tim Entwistle, in 2009.

“I never thought I should get such joy out of building a career again,” says John, talking about his writing. “When I embarked on Bolton Born and Bred it was more of a hobby, a way of documenting the history of the company and how family life has influenced my life and decisions.

“I’d never done anything like this before, but I so enjoyed the process that I determined to turn my hand to writing novels. I’m delighted to have completed my first and am currently writing a second. I’ve even got a third in mind!”

Both John Entwistle’s books are available on at £9.99 plus £2.99 postage and packing.

More information is available from Movetech UK on t: 01204 525626.

About John Entwistle:

John Entwistle was working at De Havilland as a trainee management accountant in 1959 when his father, owner of the Entwistle Walker car dealership in Bolton, asked him to build a car turntable for the launch of a new model. Thus the Bolton Turntable Company came into being, evolving into the British Turntable Co in 1971 and being rebranded in 2009 as Movetech UK to reflect the wider variety of movement solutions offered.

In addition to turntables and revolving stages Movetech UK offers linear and vertical movement solutions for a wide range of industries. Products, which are exported to more than 140 countries, include turntables for heavy industrial through to light display use; air film equipment incorporating Hovair air film technology; and JUNG lifting jacks and machinery skates. Movetech UK also provides bespoke solutions to customers’ individual specifications.

Markets served include: retail and exhibition display; automotive design studios and showrooms; national test laboratories; car parking and HGV access; revolving stages, bars, dance- floors and auditoria; aerospace, nuclear and automotive industries; engineering and manufacturing.

John Entwistle retired from full time management of Movetech UK in 2009, remaining as Chairman and working on special projects and research.

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