Movetech UK keeps Pendlewood out of deep water


Movetech UK is keeping new entrants to the barge-building market, Boats by Pendlewood, out of deep water by enabling the company to manoeuvre long, 15 tonne barges into new premises that are inaccessible by truck. The solution, JUNG machinery skates, has allowed Pendlewood to realise a long dreamed of ambition to create unique, bespoke vessels that break the mould of traditional narrow boat design.

The new premises presented two initial problems. Firstly there were no lifting facilities, and secondly access provision made it impossible for a truck to enter the building to off-load. The JUNG machinery skates have solved the access problem, making it possible for Boats by Pendlewood to manoeuvre the long, heavy load from the road into the premises, negotiating a slight slope along the way. The skates work on tarmac without sinking in as well as on the concrete factory floor, and are also used when the unit, now 22 tonnes in weight, is finished and moved outside for collection.

Pendlewood, a well established manufacturer of handcrafted bespoke wood and metal street furniture, school playground equipment and large architectural pieces, is now building live-aboard canal barges at the new facilities in Lancashire, incorporating individually designed interiors by BIDA award winner interior designer, Dee Wilson.

Boats by Pendlewood’s Managing Director, Alan Pendlewood, is delighted that his dream project has come to fruition: “The JUNG machinery skates have made it all possible,” he says. “Without them we just couldn’t have accessed our new production facilities.

“By using only the finest raw materials, new design concepts and low drag eco keels, we aim to break the mould of traditional barge building and, at the same time, showcase fine British craftsmanship.

“The new venture has also created 14 new jobs and apprenticeships, which is good news for the local economy.“

Movetech UK owns exclusive rights to distribute JUNG heavy duty lifting and moving products in the UK. The range is used world wide to move machinery such as large printing presses, medical scanners and machine tools and includes standard hydraulic jacks and machinery skates as well as a bespoke range of special transporters to fit custom loads.

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