Upgrades to Movetech UK display movement for greater choice


Movetech UK has upgraded two of its most popular display movements to provide the retailer and exhibitor with even greater choice and flexibility when creating an attractive and eye-catching display. Both developments have been driven by customer comment and feedback, demonstrating Movetech UK’s commitment to provide customers with products that they both need and want.

The third generation of Movetech UK’s cabinet turntable kits (CTK) sees the heavy aluminum casting replaced by a lightweight plastic molding with facilities to fix the unit in place rather than relying on its own weight to hold it down. This reduces the possibility of the unit being dislodged when in situ. The new design has reduced dimensions, allowing the unit to be concealed within the display cabinet carcass more readily, whilst it can still be replaced easily without disturbing the cabinet display.

Designed for use in secure cabinets to display fragile or precious merchandise, the CTK’s retained powerful motor effortlessly rotates up to five glass shelves and displayed product with a total load of up to 90kg. Its reduced height also enables it to be hidden within the smallest of pelmets, creating the possibility of a larger display cabinet with increased display area.

The second upgrade is to a very popular battery powered 4kg capacity display turntable. This has been enhanced by the introduction of optional power input. If a mains supply is not available standard ‘D’ size batteries can be used; if a mains supply is available then it can simply be plugged into the electrical outlet via the mains adaptor. This gives the visual merchandiser the freedom to enhance a display with movement, and change its location, without worrying whether electrical power is available. The same unit that operates 52 weeks a year in the office reception display area can therefore be taken to an important one-off exhibition without the concern of ensuring a power socket is available.

This popular turntable offers three to four weeks of battery life if operated 24/7 for exhibition use; for permanent installation the 240 volt option gives years of service without intervention.

The enhanced units are part of a standard display turntable and movement portfolio that caters for every display need. Point of sale movement includes pendulant and oscillating motors as well as revolves from 12cm in diameter, battery and mains powered. Carousels and revolving stages can be used to create larger or, in combination, more complex displays, and a ceiling mounted range is also available. Ued by department stores, supermarkets and independent retailers they help increase footfall and sales by allowing customers to see more product from all angles.

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