British Turntable Becomes Movetech UK


British Turntable has announced a change of name to Movetech UK, a name that better reflects the company’s solutions-focused, technology-based approach to solving modern-day load moving challenges. Whilst turntables for heavy industrial through to light display use still form the core of Movetech UK’s business, a range of additions to the portfolio, including Hovair air film technology and Jung lifting equipment, has provided the company with the means to provide the optimum solution to any industrial or commercial movement problem.

The change also follows the company’s recent extension of and enhancements to its rental portfolio, which is providing UK customers with quicker turn round times and improved customer service and support facilities.

Managing Director, Tim Entwistle said, “These are exciting times for Movetech UK. Our extensive range of quality products, our unrivalled industry knowledge based on fifty years trading, our in-house manufacturing capability, and our relationships with strategic partners in the UK and abroad means we are well placed to strengthen our position globally.”

The name change has included a new corporate identity and website. Movetech UK worked with leading creative firms to achieve this contemporary new look, which has been warmly welcomed by clients, who include some of the world’s leading commercial and industrial organisations.

Alongside its extensive product range, Movetech UK offers a range of services which extends from pre-project advice and project design, through to delivery, installation, maintenance and calibration. The rental service is available on most turntable products.

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