British Turntable was at the centre of the European launch of the new Ford Kuga when Mansfields hired a 4.5 metres diameter revolving stage as part of their spectacular presentation event for the European motoring media.

Blacks, one of the UK’s leaders in the design, manufacture and installation of visual merchandising equipment use British Turntable revolves regularly to add impact and value to displays. On this occasion Mulberry briefed Blacks to use a mirror finish to the revolve to reflect the store’s plush interior and add excitement to the display.

With the launch venue in Benalup, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, the event was staged over a four-week period, with journalists from more than 21 countries flying in an out at two-day intervals to be briefed on the latest offering from the Ford range. With British Turntable personnel in attendance to install and assist, rig for the event was seven days and de-rig 3 days – a daunting task.

Cyrus Mehta explains: “With around 850 journalists attending the event we had to be on our toes throughout. The event first involved putting the Kuga to the test over a challenging route including an off-road section before the evening technical presentation.

“We converted the hotel’s theatre into our own presentation and cocktail area, building the turntable into our own raised floor and constructing a multi levelled auditorium surrounding it.

“The effect was spectacular, the revolve allowing us to present all angles of the car to the influential audience and run a multi-media presentation as a back-drop in a very restricted space.”

Matt Forrest, manager of British Turntable’s London hire facility, says: “We have worked on all Mansfields’ Europe Car of the Year and launch events for Ford over the last six years, sometimes as many as four times a year. The shows never fail to impress and we’re delighted that British Turntable revolves are considered central to the presentation.”