British Turntable Offers Extensive Materials Handling Portfolio


British Turntable’s expertise in mechanical rotary and linear handling equipment, combined with the company’s acquisitions of Hovair Systems’ air film portfolio and Cawley Marine’s exclusive rights to distribute Jung lifting and moving equipment equipment in the UK, has placed the company in a stronger position than ever to offer advice on and solutions to a wide range of materials handling problems. The company’s extensive portfolio now includes materials handling carousels and transporters, high capacity revolves and transporters capable of moving a railway carriage, military tank or an aeroplane, as well as vehicle access and other heavy duty turntables.

Recently completed linear transporter projects demonstrate how British Turntable’s expertise can be used to find the most effective solution, whether air film, mechanical, manual or powered, often dependent on the load and site conditions.

A linear transporter for one customer, for example, was originally intended to be built using air film technology. However, on further site inspection, mechanical operation was proposed as the better solution. Used to transfer heavy loads between two crane lines, the powered, 16 tonne unit with inverter controlled onboard drive motor and pedestrian pendant cable control operates in a straight line on a normal floor and has been built to the nuclear fuel industry’s exacting standards.

By contrast, a manually operated, low profile, linear transporter destined to carry military equipment in for repair has been built using air film technology. The reduced friction capability of air film equipment, along with its omni-directional ability, means that loads of up to eight tonnes can be easily manoeuvred into a spray booth. Designed as a master platform, it features a bolt-on extension which can be used for the occasional longer or heavier loads.

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