British Turntable Puts a Spin on the Dream


Small point-of-purchase revolves supplied by British Turntable have helped point-of-sale specialists, SP Group, create exciting and effective vertical spinning window promotions for the recent Levi Strauss’ ‘Win Your Dream’ competition.

The revolves were used in 350 stores across Europe to promote the tarot-themed competition in a project managed by Paul Engleman for Levi Strauss Europe. Five unusual ‘money can’t buy’ prizes, such as make your own film; host your own celebrity party; a tailor-made adventure holiday; play a gig with your own band; and design some jeans for Levi’s to produce, were offered.

And as each prize was designed to appeal to different sectors of the Levi’s Store customer base, a method had to be devised that would allow each ‘dream’ to be promoted equally in the window space.

SP Group took design agency Exposure’s tarot concept to create a 6-segment wheel – one segment for each prize, with one describing the competition itself, while free tarot-themed tee-shirts were given to those customers entering the competition.

“The agency wanted to give the competition a sort of ‘end-of-the pier’ tarot card fortune-teller experience,” says Craig Lilly, account director at SP Group, “so we restricted the colours to black and white. By spinning the wheel in the window display area we were able to achieve the objective of promoting each ‘dream’ equally in turn; the turntables revolved at just the right speed to bring the promotion to life, allowing customers to read each card and enticing them into the store to take part.

“It was a highly successful promotion all round. The turntables ran continuously without any problems – we even ran one on test for a three-month period and it proved to be totally reliable. And British Turntable was very good at advising us on the right model to use that would keep the promotion running within budget.”

The CM2 is a popular choice from British Turntable’s standard range of display products, which now number more than 100.

Models range from small battery and powered point of purchase revolves, oscillators and pendulum movement to large rotary carousels capable of carrying heavy white goods or furniture or of being combined to create more displays using optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation.

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