Ringing the Changes at Ringways


An automotive revolve supplied by British Turntable is helping Ringways Ford ring the changes at their showrooms in Leeds by attracting customers’ attention to the latest models and new promotions.

First to be the focus of attention at the showrooms was, of course – the new Ford Focus. And by choosing the full platform Olympian turntable, Ringways have been able to promote the model very cost-effectively: the portability of the revolve has meant that they have been able to move it from one showroom to another without a fuss or the need for major removals. While it has the appearance of a permanent installation, the Olympian can be re-erected by two people in less than an hour, making it ideal for exhibitions or promotions in shopping malls, cinemas and hotel or restaurant foyers as well as in a smart showroom environment.

Complete with an attractive decorative deck and offering a low profile, completely stable full platform revolve, the Olympian provides excellent value for money, increasing sales by creating the excitement of a motor show in the display area.

British Turntable offers a range of versatile revolves, the Merlin Major and revolving stage being particularly suited for automotive use. Practically invisible in operation and suitable for vehicle wheelbases up to 3.3m, the Merlin Major appears to turn the car as if by magic on four supporting wheel pads emanating from its central motor. The revolving stage, in models up to 10m in diameter, is ideal for larger prestige marques or where a flush-fitted, permanent installation is preferred.

With some new and exciting enhancements to the Olympian, including a flat top, a new, stylish black rubber skirt and a hand-held off/on remote control, British Turntable is demonstrating its commitment to the industry by offering a comprehensive, up to date range of movement options for all types of automotive display.

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