British Turntable Works To Benefit Customers


British Turntable and its customers are reaping the benefits of a series of workshops, ‘Marketing and Planning for Change’, run under the auspices of Business Support Solutions as part of the Manufacturing Productivity Programme. No fewer than four directors have attended the workshops, including Managing Director and founder of the company, John Entwistle, who says they have produced remarkable results.

John Entwistle explains: “We were already successfully marketing in new business areas following a major expansion of the company, but felt we needed to communicate more effectively with our expanding customer base.

“In recent years we have acquired Hovair Systems’ air film technology and Cawley Marine Industrial, which gave us exclusive rights to distribute JUNG lifting and handling equipment in the UK. This introduced us to unfamiliar markets, and the programme has not only helped us to recognise the needs of these markets, but also to overcome some barriers we had encountered.

“Thanks to the advice and help we have received, we have now been able to put in place clear actions that will take the company forward, deal with change, and grow. The benefits to our customers cannot be underestimated; with an improved understanding of their needs we can communicate with them more effectively and respond to individual requirements more quickly.”

Hundreds of businesses from across Greater Manchester have benefited from Business Support Solutions’ Productivity Programme, which provides specialist support and advice for companies working in a wide range of industries and market sectors. Business Support Solutions works in partnership with the Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce and has received investment from both the Northwest Regional Development Agency and the European Regional Development Fund to back the project.

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