Centre stage at the T2 Trainspotting World Premiere


A revolving stage from Movetech UK has helped Hertfordshire based production company, Light Fantastic Production Services Ltd create a spectacular focal point for this year’s world premiere of the highly anticipated sequel film, T2 Trainspotting.

Movetech UK were first contacted by Light Fantastic Director Rob Myer back in December 2016, several weeks before the event was due to take place. Rob and his team had the illustrious job of creating a large prominent centre piece for the premiere on behalf of Limited Edition Event Design, which would undoubtedly catch the eyes of many at the event, as well as all over the world as the live media watched on.

Rob requested a hire of a 2.5m diameter revolve to rotate their display, which would be used to present two giant custom made 2.2m tall 3D letters in the form of the abbreviation ‘T2’. With the display taking centre stage at the event, Light Fantastics clients wanted to produce something that would be viewed from every angle, so adding movement seemed the obvious solution.

Movetech UK’s sales team were more than happy to assist Rob and his team with their project, presenting them with two options to choose from. The first option was to implement a 1.5m Maxi Carousel turntable accompanied with a 2.5m extension kit to extend to the desired diameter. With the second option being a more heavy duty 2.5m diameter Revolving Stage turntable, which when set up is fully supported around the perimeter, as opposed to the Maxi Carousel range which are supported solely via their centre bearings.

Light Fantastics structural engineers required a substantial amount of ballast weight and a steel skeleton to counter wind loading on the giant lettering so Rob decided to go with the latter, and proceeded with the heavy duty revolving stage turntable. By selecting this option it added that extra dependability, and if anyone was to walk or step onto the stage, it would effortlessly support the load, in turn taking away any worry and concern.

As the event grew nearer, the revolve was delivered by Movetech UK’s dedicated rental team directly from their Epping Depot, to Light Fantastic’s premises in Borehamwood for test assembly. Movetech UK’s southern area rental manager, Matt Forrest, who delivered the revolving stage, also assisted with a demonstration to explain how the unit is operated, enabling everything to run smoothly on the day of the event.

Light Fantastic’s construction team had already started designing and manufacturing the giant letters and bespoke curved fascias for the revolve and sub-stage structure which was all finished in a gloss white laminate. Once complete, Rob and his team took the entire display and revolve to Edinburgh which was to be the location for the T2 World Premiere event.

Once on location, the large display was constructed by the Light Fantastic team, taking centre stage at the premiere. With the world looking on as actors and celebrities alike sauntered by, the revolve blissfully rotated the 2.2m high letters in its prime location at the centre of the orange carpet.

As the event came to an end, the premiere was reported as a great success, and furthermore the production was said to be an illustrious achievement, and along with the revolving stage, the evening went exactly to plan, with no problems whatsoever.

“The support from Movetech UK allowed us to deliver another prestigious event flawlessly. The service from Movetech UK was great at all stages of the design process and the revolve performed perfectly despite carrying a substantial amount of weight. Our clients were thrilled with the results and I would have no hesitation in turning to Movetech UK for future projects” said Light Fantastic Director, Rob Myer.

Movetech UK’s southern area rental manager, Matt Forrest, said: “It’s great to assist with projects like this, especially when working with highly skilled professionals like Rob and his team, it makes everything that little bit more efficient and rewarding.”

Some people may think this sort of production is put together in a week or two, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, months of hard work are put into producing something like this, and it’s plain to see when you see the end result – it looked amazing!”

Matt then went on to say “The fundamental efforts of the design and construction that was put in by Rob and his team at Light Fantastic were second to none, this in turn did our revolving stage not only justice, but shows the effect of how adding movement can help add that extra wow factor to what would of effectively been a static display.”

Renting revolving stages and turntable equipment is ideal for the ExhibitionsLive TV and Events industries, where movement is usually only required for a short space of time, as it keeps pricing to a minimum and also obviates the need for storage.

Credits: Light Fantastic Production Service Ltd (Image)

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