Movetech UK appoints new Office Administrator


Movetech UK has appointed an Office Administrator to provide additional support and service to customers and to assist with sales on both catalogue and standard product sales. Jack Farrimond, who hails from nearby Horwich in Bolton, will be responsible for helping customers choose the correct products from Movetech UK’s extensive product range and ensure they receive the best possible solution and service.

Jack will also help the sales team update and maintain Movetech UK’s wide database to enhance customer experience of the company and to identify their needs. This customer feedback will, in turn, lead to new product development and provide valuable insight into customer behaviour and expectations for the marketing department.

Jack had this to say about his new role, “Since joining Movetech UK at the beginning of November I have very much enjoyed the culture of the company, as I always feel extremely welcome and very much part of the team. Everyone has been exceptionally accommodating and helpful and have ensured that I have settled right in.”

He then went on to say “In the short time I have been here, I feel as though I have already excelled in many key areas, especially my communication and interpersonal skills. I also like that my role can at times be empowering, which is very helpful as it keeps me continually occupied, in turn, helping me to improve my developmental skill sets, as well as helping the growth of the company at the same time.

“I would like to see myself having a prolonged career at Movetech UK and to be a part of the exponential growth that the company is experiencing.”

Introducing Jack to the team follows a restructuring of the sales department that includes David Houghton moving from his role as Technical Sales Director to that of Commercial Director. Craig Wright will now occupy the vacant Technical Sales Director position from his existing role as Technical Engineering Manager. Craig will now solely concentrate on non-standard products and bespoke design sales as well as advising on Movetech UK’s servicing, installation, breakdown and other onsite services.

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK Managing Director, says: “Movetech UK is committed to offering the best customer service possible. Like many forward-thinking companies we have recognised that the world is changing. Customers want to buy instantly online, but they also need a quick response to their telephone or email queries and advice on how to use our products.

“By increasing the sales team with Jack’s appointment we will be in an excellent position to do just that – in both an efficient and effective way.”

Tim then went on to say: “Throughout Jack’s first few weeks within the company, I’ve noticed he has a great sense of ability to engage and learn, helping him to gain product related knowledge along with gaining the confidence required when speaking to and responding to customer enquiries. We are confident Jack will develop into a great asset to the company and we will continue to assist and guide him in all necessary areas to make sure his appointment is successful.”

Movetech UK’s recruitment drive has focused on finding high calibre, motivated people with the intelligence and aptitude to learn combined with a positive, ‘can-do’ attitude. Movetech UK take pride in the flexibility of their workforce, which is vital if they are to provide the high quality service they sell. Over the 55 years Movetech UK has been trading the skills of the workforce have evolved, such that they now have highly versatile, competent and adaptable people capable of dealing with whatever opportunities and challenges they are presented with.

Movetech UK believe that investment in a flexible workforce has been key to their remaining in business through more than one recession, including the most recent, where they implemented a survival strategy that ensured they did not compromise on their core strategic directional goals.”

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