Movetech UK help Schuh turnaround their 2016 Christmas Campaign


Revolving turntables from Movetech UK’s retail display range have helped MWC Group and Roar Creativity Ltd to design and build a mesmerizing festive window display for popular footwear retailer schuh, located at their flagship Oxford Street store in London.

To promote schuh‘s new range of footwear, an assembly of Christmas tree displays were created by using an assortment of tiered counter-rotating cog shaped shelving units, creating an industrious yet warm and elegant forest of rotating 3D Christmas trees.

With the assembly of Christmas trees simultaneously rotating together in tandem with a conveyer of falling snowflakes in the background, the window display has proved to be particularly popular along the front run of the Oxford Street store, drawing in quite a crowd.

When putting ideas together for the new festive window display, schuh Store Design & VM Manager, Sara Metcalfe simply said “It needs to be recognisable as Christmas, but with a schuh twist, and showcase the product!”

The imaginative design for the window display was devised by creative agency Roar Creativity Ltd and was constructed by MWC Group, a well established leading provider of interior environments for clients at the cutting edge of the retail sector.

Paul Nathan, CD at Roar Creativity Ltd offered his initial thoughts, saying “Let’s take a bunch of free standing units and turn them into a forest of spinning Christmas trees.”

He then went on to say “During the 19th century, Christmas as we recognise it began to take shape. In Germany, people started bringing in trees from outside and decorating them. Around the same time, artisans and engineers were working hand-in-hand to create watches, music boxes and also cuckoo clocks.

“It is from this moment that we take our inspiration; the outcome is a warm Christmas scene that runs like clockwork. As product is displayed on tiered counter-rotating trees, a giant conveyer belt simultaneously drives the falling snowflakes in the background.

“The result is a mesmerising, whirling, spinning, turning, Hans Christian Andersen inspired fairy tale that tells the story of each shoe from every angle.”

Kamil Winogrodzki, Movetech UK’s internal sales co-ordinator added “To create additional awareness of the stores products, the window displays had to be eye-catching, so adding movement seemed to be the perfect solution.

“The campaigns design and production teams were able to create this element of the display by using a range of our [Movetech UK] revolving turntable units. By implementing three mains powered heavy duty B200 turntables and two Maxi plus 1000 large carousel units into the display, this allowed the showcase of the products to run smoothly and efficiently.”

Movetech UK offer a wide range of retail display movements for both short term rental use or to purchase. The units can be combined to create eye-catching complex displays, and by adding optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation can also add interest and appeal.


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