Construction site benefits from a 15m diameter Movetech UK Vehicle Access Turntable


A 15m diameter, 44 tonne capacity, vehicle access turntable installed by Movetech UK at the location of a new multi-million-pound construction in London, is not only speeding up delivery turnaround times for the contractor, but is also proving to offer many other economic and operational benefits.

The construction company’s development of the new building, is sited at the core of London’s King’s Cross district and is positioned right next to the extremely busy King’s Cross station, which has proven to be very problematic when it comes to the delivery of construction materials.

Due to the location, and the long and narrow architectural footprint of the construction area, it left very little room for deliveries to and from the site, therefore a traffic management plan had to be devised to find a suitable solution to comply with regulations, allowing the delivery trucks to enter and exit the construction site safely, in a forward gear.

As the surrounding area also sees a footfall of thousands upon thousands of pedestrians every day, public safety was also a major factor the company had to consider.

Movetech UK worked closely with the project’s management teams, and with the company knowing the small amount of space the delivery yard had to manoeuvre and operate in, a vehicle access turntable was undoubtedly the obvious solution to help manage the day-to-day transportation of materials to and from the construction site.

A vehicle access turntable would typically be installed as a permanent solution in areas such as delivery yards, and would generally be required to be installed inside a recessed turntable pit, so that the turntable platform would sit perfectly level with the current yard surface – but with this project, it had to be slightly different, because the turntable was required to be installed above ground level.

Craig Wright, Movetech UK’s Technical Sales Director, explained further: “When we were originally approached by the contactors, we suggested the turntable should be installed in a pit, however after working closely with their project team, we eventually came up with the above-floor option with a lightweight pedestrian walkway around the turntable. This removed the need for costly on-site preparations, and meant that when the turntable is eventually removed there will be no pit to fill.

“The location of the turntable is directly adjacent to the eventual footprint of the development so complex manoeuvres were just not an option for the client. The turntable allows the delivery drivers to complete their deliveries by entering the construction site in a forward gear, from a busy main road, and drive up a pre-made narrow through road, where they would then park on the turntable, the vehicle would then rotate, allowing the drivers to complete their deliveries, and then exit safely, again – in a forward gear.”

Craig continued: “We have manufactured and installed many Ø15m units for HGVs over the years, but this is the first temporary unit for a construction site we are aware of in the UK.”

“In addition to everything else, construction site traffic management is a critical area of Health and Safety, with reversing vehicles posing a significant risk to personnel on construction sites. By removing the necessity for vehicles to reverse, whilst simultaneously reducing the space required to turn around, the turntable has made the site safer and more efficient. As sites become more and more restrictive, turntables offer an elegant but robust solution.”

Movetech UK will continue to help and support the contracting company, by offering on-hand help and advice, in addition to servicing the turntable throughout the construction process, to make sure it continues to provide the high standards they expect from every one of the products they produce.

The advantages of using a vehicle turntable vary from one application to the next, however where they add value in most cases is to reduce turning space and potentially dangerous reversing manoeuvres, subsequently improving the health and safety within the restricted area. End users can eliminate large turning circles and complex manoeuvres, not only saving fuel and tyre wear, but more importantly reducing emissions to zero at the point of use, further improving the working environment for operatives in the area.

Movetech UK vehicle access turntables provide effective access solutions, from improving car parking provision in city centre office blocks, to enabling delivery trucks access to sites that would not otherwise be accessible.

With 60 years’ experience behind them, Movetech UK offer excellent customer service and superb product quality – their products often outlive their design life, and many units are still working after tens of years in service. With a first-class rental team to match, they supply a wide range of turntables and movements to the biggest names in the industry.

If you would like more information on this news release or any of our products and services, contact Movetech UK today and their sales and technical teams we will more than happy to help you. Tel: +44 (0)1204 525626, Email: You can also find us Movetech UK on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, simply search ‘Movetech UK’.


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