Displays Turn Round at Christmas


Shopping centres, high street stores and independent retail outlets profit from British Turntable movement all year round, but none so much as at Christmas, when, thanks to creative thinking, stunning Christmas displays transform the retail environment into an inviting, exciting and desirable place to be.

KD Decoratives have lit up Manchester’s Trafford Centre using a brand new LED lighting scheme incorporating revolving glitter balls to cast light into the malls. The silver-themed display, with its prancing reindeers, captured the spirit of the season perfectly. “The movement was central to the design,” comments Matthew Kitchen-Dunn of KD Decoratives. “It really lifts the display, creating a magical setting that will attract shoppers and encourage them to linger.”

KD Decoratives have been creating the Trafford Centre for almost ten years, changing the theme every three years to maintain interest. The current cycle incorporates USD100 ceiling-mounted revolves from British Turntable’s standard range of display movement.<

As well as being used to create an attractive, eye-catching seasonal ambience, ceiling-mounted revolves are ideal where space is tight as they allow products to be displayed without taking up valuable floor, counter or shelf space. They are also perfect for signage to highlight special promotions or customer service areas as the movement will catch customers’ eyes and draw them to the focused area.

British Turntable offers a number of models, allowing loads of up to 227kg to be suspended; displays and can signs can be further enhanced by choosing a unit with slip rings to allow for creative lighting to be incorporated into the design. All standard models are generally available off-the-shelf.

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