Wobblers Grab Attention


International games company, Lagoon Trading is attracting attention at exhibitions in the UK by taking advantage of British Turntable’s cost-effective solar-powered wobblers to promote its extensive range of books, games, gadgets and gizmos.

Lagoon uses the wobblers to highlight new lines and to re-focus on more established or best-selling products with simple, eye-catching graphics. The solar-powered pendulum units chosen are ideal for creating eye-catching point-of-purchase signs at exhibitions and in the retail environment and are available off the shelf.

“The movement always attracts attention,” says Alastair Cronin, Lagoon’s UK Sales and Marketing Manager, “and creates a more dynamic and exciting display. We find it’s a great selling tool at the many exhibitions we attend. <

“We’ve been using British Turntable’s point-of-purchase products for three to four years now, and they’re so effective that a lot of visitors to our stands ask us where we got them from! Naturally we always point them in British Turntable’s direction.”

British Turntable now offers more than 100 standard movement options in its extensive range of display products, which, in addition to the solar-powered pendulum movement chosen by Lagoon, includes small battery- and mains-powered point of purchase revolves and oscillators as well as larger carousels capable of carrying heavy white goods or furniture. These can be combined to create more complex displays, where optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation can be used to add interest and appeal.

The range is popular with all sizes of retailers and exhibitors as research has shown that movement in display can increase sales by more than *30% over its static equivalent by adding interest, value and integrity to the product.

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