High Point For Parker Butler At Belfast Exhibition


Exhibition designers, Parker Butler turned on the style for visitors to the My Home exhibition in Belfast when they designed a simple but stunning stand using a British Turntable Mini Carousel to create an eye-catching, high profile sign incorporating a giant tap.

Mounted on top of a graphics column, the revolving tap enhanced the visibility of the stand, drawing visitors into the area and stimulating interest in the utility company’s products and services.

“Movement at exhibitions is always a strong feature if you want to catch visitors’ attention,” explains the stand designer at Parker Butler, Amanda Barrett. “Using a turntable in this way enabled the 1.5 metre high 3D tap to be rotated at height, making the stand visible from all areas of the exhibition hall. It was extremely effective, and visitors to the stand were impressed by its style and simplicity.”

One of more than 100 products in British Turntable’s standard display movement range, the Mini Carousel is a very popular option for exhibitions and events because of its tremendous display potential. Capable of carrying an evenly distributed load up to 227 kg in weight, 1.5 metres high and 1.5 metres wide using its extension arms and legs, its versatility can be further enhanced by using optional extras such as a static centre, positional or timed hesitation and oscillation.

The movement adds impact and value to a display, creating a dynamic focal point that can attract visitors and increase footfall, and in the retail environment it has been shown that a moving display can increase sales by more that 30% over a static display*. By changing the direction of turntable rotation, footfall can even be directed to specific areas of the sales floor as customers will naturally follow the direction of the movement.

In addition to small PoP and display movement British Turntable can supply, for sale or hire, a wide range of revolves and revolving stages, up to 10 metres diameter in the standard range, while larger and more complex combinations can be made to order.

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