Newbridge Silverware Turns To British Turntable


Ireland’s famous silverware brand, Newbridge, has incorporated British Turntable movement in a major revamp of its showrooms and restaurant areas, using no fewer than 26 ceiling-mounted revolves across three stores to enhance and complement the curved shapes and displays of its new image.

Newbridge CEO William Doyle suggested the concept of a silver-type ball light, in keeping with the gleaming silverware of the shops’ merchandise, and it was a natural progression to create rotating glitterballs by using British Turntable’s USD5s revolves.

Newbridge has now fitted 22 units in the main outlet in Newbridge, 12 in the showroom and restaurant, five in the entrance and five in the museum area, with two being fitted in each of the other stores. The company also uses the rotators to turn the ball lights in the main jewellery showcase in the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Dublin and the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham.

Jim Doyle, Project Manager for Newbridge, is enthusiastic about the result. “The units are really appreciated by staff and customers alike and continue to draw attention. Rotating the lights certainly enhances our products, making them sparkle as the light catches the silver and thus encouraging sales. They have become part of the Newbridge image”.

The USD5s revolve chosen by Newbridge is part of British Turntable’s portfolio of standard display turntables, which now numbers more than 100. As well as being capable of creating stunning lighting effects by using slip ring models, ceiling-mounted revolves are ideal for displaying products without taking up valuable floor, counter or shelf space. They are also perfect for signage to highlight special promotions or customer service areas as the movement will catch customers’ eyes and draw them to the focused area.

British Turntable offers a number of ceiling-mounted models, allowing loads of up to 227 kg to be suspended; all standard models are generally available off-the-shelf, and a hire service is available for short term use or temporary exhibitions. All models are robust, quiet in operation and require minimal maintenance.

Other standard display movement includes point-of-purchase pendulum, oscillating and rotating movement, battery- and mains-operated turntables from 12 mm to 12 metres in diameter and a range of options designed to create more complex integrated display combinations.

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