British Turntable brings Fairground Carousel to Life


In a major redevelopment of the Lynn Museum in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, a British Turntable revolve has been specified to bring to life a scale model of a traditional late 19th century roundabout manufactured by one of King’s Lynn’s best known engineering companies, Savage’s.

The Mini Carousel has been installed beneath a 2″:1′ scale model of ‘Fred Fox’s Galloping Steam Horses’, a roundabout featuring three-abreast galloping horses and cockerels. The model, 173 cm in diameter and 1.25m high, incorporates a fairground organ or ‘Music Gaviolli’ for added authenticity, and the museum is also planning to link up the original lights from the model and add the sounds of the ‘Lynn Mart’ on a new audio guide, enabling visitors to experience all the fun of the fair.

One of the oldest travelling fun fairs in the region, the ‘Lynn Mart’ opens traditionally on St Valentine’s Day and is the first fair of the year in England.

Movement is used in museums, heritage centres, at exhibitions and events because it adds impact and value to a display, creating a dynamic focal point that will attract visitors and increase footfall. In the retail environment it has even been shown that a moving display can increase sales by more that 30% over a static display*.

The Mini Carousel chosen to bring the Savage’s roundabout to life is available off the shelf from British Turntable’s range of more than 100 standard display models which incorporates floor- or shelf-standing turntables up to 10 metres in diameter as well as ceiling-mounted revolves and small battery- and mains-powered point of purchase revolve, oscillator and pendulum units. The Mini Carousel is particularly popular as it offers tremendous display potential at a competitive price. It is also available for short term hire for temporary displays and promotions, while extra options such as static centre, positional or timed hesitation and oscillation can be provided to create extra impact.

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