British Turntable Movement Adds Impact for LEGO®


Two British Turntable revolves were used to great effect to rotate LEGO® models of the Star Wars™ characters, Jango Fett and R2D2 at the recent Star Wars™ Celebration Europe exhibition. Positioned on two 3 metre tall columns either side of the entrance to the LEGO® stand, the revolving models added impact and appeal, the movement helping to create an imposing and eye-catching entrance to the stand.

LEGO® opted to hire the revolves on this occasion as it presented a means of creating maximum impact at minimal cost, choosing Mini Carousels for their versatility and display potential. One of more than 100 products in British Turntable’s standard display movement range, the Mini Carousels proved more than able to carry the 1.2 metre high, 45 kg R2D2 and the taller Jango Fett, having the capacity to carry loads up to 1.5m wide, 1.5m high and up to 227kg in weight.

The versatility of the Mini Carousel can be further enhanced by using its extension arms and legs, while extra options such as static centre, positional or timed hesitation and oscillation can be provided on request.<

Movement is frequently used at exhibitions and events because of the added impact and value it can add to the display. By creating a dynamic focal point it can attract visitors and increase footfall. In the retail environment it has been shown that a moving display can increase sales by more that 30% over a static display* and, where turntables are concerned, footfall can be directed to specific areas of the sales floor by changing the direction of the rotation as customers will naturally follow the direction of the movement.

In addition to small PoP and display movement British Turntable can supply, for sale or hire, a wide range of larger revolves and revolving stages, up to 10 metres diameter in the standard range, while larger and more complex combinations can be made to order.

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