New Low Profile Turntable is a World-Beater


British Turntable has launched its lowest profile ever turntables with the introduction to its standard display movement range of the PS800LP and the PSBT800LP. Offering the lowest profile of any conventional turntables across the world, at only 23.5 mm high, they are as flat as the diameter of a pound coin. The PS800LP series of turntables also offer high performance combined with low noise and an almost indestructible safety clutch on the turn plate.

These outstanding features make PS800 revolves ideal for use in the cosmetics, jewellery, gifts, fashion accessories, pharmaceuticals, decoration and food industries among many others. For extra impact the drive unit and turn plate can be easily and inconspicuously installed in individual display boxes to create even more attractive and eye-catching counter presenters, acrylic, shelf or window displays.

The PS800LP series offers an impressive 800 gram load capacity, the PSBT800LP battery-operated unit running on a single 1.5v AA cell battery, and the PS800LP from the mains adaptor supplied. The rotation direction can be changed by reversing the polarity of power supply, and different kinds of battery holders, light sensors, on/off switches and mains adaptors can be offered on demand. <

This latest point of purchase movement is a welcome addition to British Turntable’s standard range of display products, which now number more than 100. The range is popular with large and small retailers alike as the movement adds interest, value and integrity to the product.

As well as small battery and powered point of purchase revolves, oscillators and pendulum movement, British Turntable offers large rotary carousels and revolving stages capable of carrying heavy white goods or furniture. They can be combined to create more complex displays, and optional extras such as static centres, oscillation, timed or positional hesitation add interest and appeal.

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