Hot Air Balloon Bears Turn Display Around


Ceiling mounted revolves supplied by British Turntable helped David Aldridge Animation Ltd create a very special Christmas atmosphere at Houghton Hall Garden Centre, the rotary movement adding impact to the individual animated displays. The stunning displays were designed and installed by David Aldridge Animation’s skilled team of designers and technicians, whose animated seasonal and themed designs can be seen in theme parks, shopping centres and stores worldwide.

The USD505S ceiling-mounted revolves chosen for the Houghton Hall scheme allowed Aldridge Animations to add a series of spinning hot air balloons ‘piloted’ by animated polar bears. “Although all the individual characters within the displays were animated, there is no doubt that having the individual displays revolving added significantly to the visual impact and success of the scheme,” says David Aldridge, “and of course when you need a few turntables in a hurry there’s only one place to go, and that’s British Turntable!”

Used extensively in the retail trade to liven up less frequented areas of the store, ceiling-mounted revolves are very effective at attracting customers and increasing footfall to a particular part of the retail or supermarket environment because of their high visibility and movement. <

Their display potential can also be maximised to build brands, create seasonal or themed promotions or control customer throughput, without reducing or detracting from product or merchandise display space, and they are perfect for signage to highlight special promotions or customer service areas. Where slip rings are provided, added impact and greater focus can be achieved by incorporating creative lighting effects.

British Turntable offers a number of ceiling mounted revolves in the company’s standard range of display movement, allowing loads of up to 227 kg to be suspended. Standard models are generally available off-the-shelf.

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