Innovation on rails: Movetech UK helps James Walker get back on track


In June 2018, James Walker, an established dynamic player in the global industrial sector, found itself facing a significant challenge. Their production facility housed a longstanding mould tool transfer trolley that had started to become worn and desperately needed upgrading after many years of use.

Designed to transport various mould tools between pre-heaters and presses, its dependability is key to the company’s manufacturing process, but it had started to show heavy signs of unreliability after diminishing over the years. Even after the trolley had undergone countless modifications and upgrades in an attempt to keep up with the facility’s growing demands, it was clear that the unit was no longer fit for the purpose it once served so admirably.

James Walker, who are a global business renowned for applying their materials and engineering expertise, was not one to give up easily, so they searched for a solution, and that’s when they came across Movetech UK. They contemplated alternatives to the aging rail trolley and found themselves considering installing an air film transporter, and while this was an interesting option, it ultimately paled in comparison to the benefits of a railed transporter – a new challenge even for the team at Movetech UK.

The initial discussions started in the summer of 2019, outlining the framework for a much-needed overhaul of the facility’s mould transportation system. But just when progress was picking up speed, the world was thrown into disarray. The COVID-19 pandemic arrived like a tidal wave, and for over 18 months, it put the brakes on the project.

The team at James Walker engaged in detailed discussions with Movetech UK about their options and technical specifications. It was critical to ensure that the chosen solution would not only meet the immediate requirements but also future-proof the facility for many years to come. Countless iterations were analysed and debated, leaving no stone unturned in a quest for the perfect solution.

This unique machine featured a transverse ball-screw mechanism, capable of manoeuvring throughout the manufacturing area as well as efficiently doing its job within the production line. Additionally, to enhance its versatility, the top deck was equipped with a combination of ball transfer units and conveyor rollers, making it adaptable to different mould shapes and sizes.

The new railed transporter, designed, built and fully assembled in-house by Movetech UK, underwent rigorous factory acceptance tests. The tests, overloaded to simulate real-world usage, were conducted in the presence of James Walker’s project team and various stakeholders. The results were more than satisfying. The machine not only met, but exceeded the expectations of all involved.

Once the transportation behemoth was completed, it was time for installation. The team from Movetech UK arrived at the facility, working diligently to also set the rails and improve the in-house electrical distribution system. A new 415v 3-phase catenary system was also installed, ensuring a robust and efficient power supply to the new transporter unit.

The unit has now been in operation for around 6 months, and it is said to be a great improvement and has enhanced production efficiency tenfold.

“The team at Movetech UK catered to our needs and expectations throughout the project and provided excellent service from design, installation, and after-sales – even with a global pandemic thrown in to the middle of it all,” said James Walker’s Project Engineer.

He added; “We chose Movetech UK for this project due to their demonstrated expertise in designing and manufacturing similar bespoke handling equipment and machinery projects.

“The purpose of the new mould train is to service our large moulding presses with a variety of large alloy and steel moulds weighing up to 6 tonnes. Throughout the installation phase of the project, Movetech UK worked seamlessly with our production teams to minimize downtime and disruption, and as a result, we now have an amazing piece of kit!”

Craig Wright, Movetech UK’s Technical Director, added, “In our quest to deliver innovative solutions for our valued customers, we embarked on this very large design project for James Walker. It was a challenge, but challenges drive us forward, and it was a pleasure to work alongside the James Walker team throughout the process.”

In the end, the project was not just about replacing an aging piece of equipment; it was about redefining the efficiency and reliability of the entire operation. James Walker’s vision and the unwavering dedication of our team had transformed a longstanding problem into a shining example of innovation and precision engineering. With the new railed transporter in place, the facility was ready to face the future with renewed energy, and undoubtedly setting the standard for the industry.”

For more information about this project, you can contact Movetech UK’s sales and technical teams via email, or by phone; 01204 525626. For additional product information, media, and more news posts, you can also visit Movetech UK’s website at

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