Make Heads Turn this Christmas with the Magic of Movetech UK’s Turntables and Movements


Shopping centers, high street stores, and independent retail outlets enjoy year-round benefits from Movetech UK’s innovative movement solutions, but the festive season, in particular, witnesses a surge in their popularity. During Christmas, the retail landscape undergoes a remarkable transformation with dazzling displays.

From enchanting revolving Christmas trees to captivating retail merchandise displays, Movetech UK’s customers showcase exceptional creativity in planning their seasonal displays.

Matt Horrocks, Marketing Co-Ordinator at Movetech UK, emphasised the effectiveness of movement in boosting awareness, especially during the competitive Christmas shopping period. He noted, “Movement is excellent for grabbing attention, especially during the Christmas period when the competition for shoppers’ attention heightens. Customers find it intriguing and exciting, and everyone just loves a revolving Christmas tree or animated display.”

Matt further explained that Movetech UK supplies turntables and movement solutions to numerous shop fitters and designers nationwide. Regardless of the application, movement serves as a cost-effective method, often requiring less power than a 20-watt light bulb.

He continued, “Incorporating Movetech UK turntables and movements can elevate a display, creating magical settings that attract and engage shoppers. The addition of revolving and moving displays significantly enhances the visual impact and success of any retail display.”

Movetech UK offers a wide range of turntables, including their popular ceiling-mounted revolves. Their selection of ceiling-mounted units are space-efficient, particularly effective in seasonal displays, as they don’t occupy valuable floor or counter space.

There are many more turntables and movements to choose from beyond the ceiling-mounted range. Movetech UK provides various standard retail display products, including oscillating, pendulum and up and down movements for Point of Sale (PoS) displays, rotary turntable units ranging from 15cm to an impressive 33 meters in diameter. Optional features such as slip rings, static centers, positional or timed hesitation, variable speed, and oscillation enhance their versatility. Many models are even available for short-term rental, and standard models can be purchased off-the-shelf.

So what are you waiting for, make heads turn this Christmas by introducing Movetech UK retail display movements within your festive displays. Simply add movement, attract attention, and increase your footfall and sales!

For more details on Movetech UK’s turntables and movements, visit Movetech UK’s Retail Display Movements page on their website. Alternatively, contact Movetech UK’s sales team via email at or by phone at 01204 537680 (Bolton).

You can also purchase a wide range of products online via Movetech UK’s Online Shop, simply by visiting For a limited time, add promo code ‘CHRISTMAS’ at the checkout, to receive a discount off your order. (T&C’s apply, online use only for selected products/categories).

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