Maximum Merchandise Exposure For Tilgear


Maxi Carousels from British Turntable have been helping specialist tool merchants Tilgear give maximum exposure to their multi-buy merchandise package deals in a minimum amount of space. The two revolves, one at 2.5 metres and the other at 2 metres diameter, not only allow Tilgear to sell their multi-buys in a highly efficient way, but have been doing so every working day for more than ten years.

John Tilbrook of Tilgear explains: “The revolves are mounted with cork display boards onto which we fasten various tools and related goods which we have ready, pre-packaged, in the stock room. When customers find what they want, they simply stop the revolve using the nearby pause button and enter the required item numbers onto an order slip. Our staff then select the pre-packed multi-buys from the stock room and send them down a chute to the collection point.

Located on the ground and first floors, with a static display to the side of the connecting stairway, the Carousels allow us to display more than 400 multi-buys at any one time. These are constantly changing as new lines come and go – very easy to do with the pause function.

The whole display is very eye-catching, and has been very effective at promoting our multi-buy packages, which is good for the customer as well as they offer great savings over buying items individually.”

Tilgear also finds the displays very space efficient. With changing technology and needs, the firm sells predominantly through mail order and has recently introduced a CD-Rom catalogue; using the revolves in the showroom in this way has required much less trading space than would otherwise have been necessary.

British Turntable’s Maxi Carousel revolve is available from the company’s standard range of more than 100 display products. At 1.5 metres, 2.5 metres and 3 metres diameters it offers tremendous display potential with its ability to carry a load, evenly distributed, up to 700 kg in weight and up to a height of 2.44 metres.

It can be fitted, on request, with a wide range of extra options such as static centre, positional or timed hesitation, oscillation, contra-rotation or hand sensor stop, and is available for outright sale or short term hire as required.

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