Mini Carousel Launch For Silver Cross


When Silver Cross were looking for the most effective way of launching their brand new personalised version of their Oberon doll’s pram at Harrogate in March, they turned to British Turntable to give the product prominence and draw customers to the stand.

The new Oberon, a miniature replica of the classic Balmoral pram, features a small plaque on the side of the carriage to allow a name and a date to be incorporated into the design. Based on the original design, it is similar to the full size version, with the usual Silver Cross attention to detail, and is built using hand skills passed down from generation to generation.

Silver Cross marketing executive, Andrew Tarbett, explains: “With such a beautiful, prestige product as the Oberon on display it made sense to have it showcased prominently and with style.

“We also wanted to be sure that all our retailers got a decent view of how the product looks from all angles, and the movement provided this for us. It was a stunning way to show off the ultimate doll’s carriage.”

The Mini Carousel at the centre of the display was chosen for its versatility from British Turntable’s standard range of display movement, which incorporates more than 100 units. The Mini Carousel is a particularly popular choice because of its superb display potential, the extension arms and legs provided providing it with the ability to carry loads up to 1.5m wide, 1.5m high and up to 227kg in weight. It is also available for short term hire for temporary promotions, while extra options such as static centre, positional or timed hesitation and oscillation can be provided on request.

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