Movetech fit for Essex Auto


British Turntable has completed installation of a revolving stage for Essex Auto Group’s flagship Ford dealership in Basildon, custom-finishing the revolve with a beech coloured deck to satisfy the demands of Ford Europeʼs corporate showroom interiors guidelines and reinforce the Ford brand identity.

The contract follows several previous supplies to Ford dealerships, including prestigious London and Edinburgh outlets where the ability to comply with these corporate guidelines was key.

A revolve was chosen to create an eye-catching focal point in the showroom, where the movement adds visual impact and attracts attention. For optimum versatility, British Turntable customised the Essex Auto Group’s turntable from a standard, modular design which allows it to be moved around the showroom to change focus and encourage customers to visit different areas of the showroom. It can also be used for new product reveals at customer events.

Essex Auto Group turned to British Turntable as their supplier because of the company’s long association with Ford dealerships world wide and its ability to produce well engineered, reliable and cost-effective display movement.

Founded in 1959 on a single request for a car display turntable, British Turntable now offers a number of movement solutions for automotive display including full platform turntables, revolving stages and a cost-effective and versatile portable option that is practically invisible in operation, making the car rotate as if by magic.

Full platform revolves up to 12 metres in diameter are offered with variable speed and slip rings as standard, and the portable unit can operate from the car’s own 12v battery if required. All are available for hire for product launches or short-term exhibitions.

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