Rolling Boulders for Lego® Indiana Jones™ Displays


When LEGO® Group launched their Indiana Jones™ building brick sets to coincide with the launch of the movie “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”, the LEGO UK window merchandising team turned to British Turntable to provide the action. Using a simple point of purchase motor revolve for each window display, the team was able to recreate the iconic rolling boulder theme that has become the trademark of the renowned Indiana Jones™ films.

Gareth Hughes, Display Manager for LEGO UK, explains: “To create added awareness of the new products and help generate sales, we needed to give the ten major retail display windows an eye-catching and dramatic back drop, and the rolling boulder theme from the first Indiana Jones movie seemed ideal.

“With help from British Turntable we were able to create this element of the display using a simple, cost-effective revolve in each window that revolved the boulder continuously throughout the day.

“The campaign was very successful, and we’re pleased to say that sales have been buoyant as a result. We’ve used British Turntable several times in the past to spice up our window displays and exhibition stands, and the movement never fails to attract attention.”

British Turntable offers more than 100 standard display movement solutions off the shelf, from small table-top revolves and point of purchase oscillation and pendulum movements to turntables and revolving stages up to 10 metres in diameter as well as a bespoke design, build and install service. British Turntable’s units are used extensively throughout the retail and exhibitions industry to create dynamic displays; the movement adds value to the product, attracting attention and generating interest.

A range of products are available for hire for special events, short-term promotions and exhibitions for cost effective eye catching displays.

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