Lightning Revealed by British Turntable


When the Lightning, the revolutionary new electric sports car, was revealed (to great acclaim) at the London Motor Show, a 5 metre diameter revolving stage from British Turntable was chosen to show off the car to best advantage.

Designed by Rob Quinn of Purity Productions, the stand was simple, stunning and effective. Fiona Gaiger, Marketing and Communications Director of The Lightning Car Company, explains: “The Lightning design is superb and looks equally good from any angle. We always planned to use a turntable so that show visitors would be able to stand and appreciate the car on a 360 degree basis.

‘The turntable movement also allowed us to convey subtle branding and ensure that the car, as opposed to any gimmick, was the star. A call to the motor show organisers pointed us in the direction of British Turntable, and Purity Productions did the rest.

“We were delighted with the response from press, trade and public alike.”

Rob Quinn adds: “To meet The Lightning Car Company’s brief we designed a stainless steel pelmet to skirt the turntable perimeter and covered the deck with a vinyl flooring that was used across the rest of the stand.

“The brand visibility was further enhanced, particularly during the launch, by etching the car’s logo on the pelmet, reinforcing the name on the public.”

In a MSN survey the Lightning was voted by visitors to the show as the car they were most impressed with.

The revolving stage supplied by British Turntable for the launch was chosen from the company’s standard range of hire revolves which has recently been extended and upgraded. The hire team from the London depot delivered and installed the revolve and remained on standby throughout the Motor Show to support all customers using their revolves at the show.

The London Motor Show saw several more British Turntable revolving stages being used for new model launches, including a 6 metre diameter unit for Lotus, two 5 metre diameter revolves for Suzuki, and a 3 metre light aluminium stage for a quad bike. Many will be moving to Paris for the show in October.

The classic good looks of the British built Lightning are matched by the car’s performance statistics: 0-60mph in under four seconds when fully developed; only 30 battery packs deliver the electric equivalent of 700bhp; and a 300km range on 10 minutes charge. Deliveries are scheduled from 2010.

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