Hiring a Turntable Just Got Better


British Turntable’s turntable and revolving stage hire service has been enhanced to provide UK customers with quicker turn round times with improved customer service and support facilities.

Customers of the London hire division – the first port of call for much of the TV, film and video industries – will have already noticed a number of upgrades to the products and services offered in the London area. Improved stocking facilities, a stock standardisation programme and an expanded range of units available for immediate hire mean have led to better response times for urgent jobs and, crucially, better value for money.

Similar improvements have also been rolled out across the company to the benefit of all hire customers.

Other developments include: the provision of experienced hire division staff to provide advice on the right turntable or revolving stage for any specific application; a new, dedicated email address – hire@turntable.co.uk – to improve response times to hire enquiries; and centralised administration and accounts functions at head office (tel: 01204 525 626). Thus, no matter where the customer is, or where the revolve is going, UK customers will be dealing with the same back office support staff.

British Turntable customers benefit from the company’s longevity in the market (almost 50 years) and the wide range of products and services. Available to hire off the shelf include turntables and revolving stages from 180 mm to 20 metres in diameter with capacities up to 48 tonnes. British Turntable’s bespoke service, meanwhile, offers a full design, delivery, installation and on site support service during the duration of the hire, justifying the company’s position as the UK’s premier quality turntable supplier.

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