A Movetech UK display turntable has been chosen by the Royal Armouries to draw attention to a parade armet worn by Henry VIII. One of the most important features in the ‘Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill’ exhibition at the Tower of London, the horned helmet was a gift from Maximilian I to Henry VIII in 1524 and is all that remains of what was probably the finest armour ever seen in England.

Karen Whitting, Head of Creative Programmes at the Royal Armouries, explains: “Having already successfully used a Movetech UK turntable to display ‘The Samaritan’ revolver from the film ‘Hellboy’ during the Royal Armouries Museum summer exhibition for 2008 (Arms and Armour of the Movies – The Wonderful World of Weta), the museum creative team was keen to adopt similar techniques in our new exhibition at the Tower of London.

“Using a turntable in ‘Henry VIII: Dressed to Kill’ has allowed us to display an inanimate historic object in a dramatic new way. The Parade Armet is one of our key exhibits, and by placing it on a turntable and introducing movement to the inside of a case it immediately draws visitors towards the piece. Visitors get to see ‘Max’ from all angles, regardless of where they are standing around the case, a huge benefit considering the Tower of London receives over two million visitors a year.

“By using a variable speed turntable with a remote control, Movetech UK have provided us with a safe, reliable and controllable method of displaying historic objects that enhances both the exhibit and the visitor experience.”

Movetech UK is well versed in the art of providing movement to the museums and heritage sector, not just by adding an extra dimension to the display area but also by providing people movers that can transport visitors through interactive presentation. As well as adding drama to the proceedings, people movers help to control foot flow and can deliver visitors to different parts of the venue, such as the museum shop, at timed intervals to reduce congestion.

Movetech UK offers a variety of additional services that extend from pre-project advice and project design through to delivery, installation, maintenance and calibration. A rental service is available on most turntable products.