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A carousel turntable from Movetech UK was at the centre of the Skillsmart Retail awards at the recent In Store Show, (Olympia, London) when Devon womenswear retailers, mARmaLaDe took the SkillVM silver award in the professional category for their innovative window display, ‘Window to your World’. Demonstrating the impact of the media on the evolution of fashion in the 20th century, the display featured a revolving mannequin dressed in red and covered in newsprint for maximum impact.

Lisa Fifer, owner of mARmaLaDe explains: “Using the turntable was an excellent decision for us. When you consider that, on average, your window display only has about five seconds to grab the customer’s attention, you have to make them stop dead and want the product. The movement from the turntable does just that, and the red dress – designed by a fashion student and designer of the future – added a lot of impact!

“We were delighted to be part of the competition and win an award, although the final was quite stressful as we had to reconstruct the window display at the show against the clock, but I’d do it all again!”

mARmaLaDe beat off thousands of hopefuls to make it through to the South West England heat at Bluewater shopping centre, where they became Southern England champions, and were the only independent business up against two big brands: Swarovski Crystal and Avoca of Ireland. They actually borrowed the turntable from a local company, Lowara, specifically to use in the competition, having seen the impact movement has on sales from the small battery operated units they use to display jewellery. Lowara, who are distributors of industrial pumps, use the turntable at various exhibitions to display their comprehensive product range.

“A turntable adds so much drama to a display that if we were to have a turntable permanently in the shop we would use it for something like our ‘Outfit of the Week’ and for special events such as the press event we’re holding on 6th August to celebrate our success at the Show,” continues Lisa Fifer.

Movetech UK offers more than 100 units in its standard range of display movement, from small POS models through to revolving stages up to 10 metres in diameter. Oscillation can be incorporated into many turntable models, as can variable speed, timed or positional hesitation, and static centres. In addition to its extensive product portfolio, Movetech UK offers a range of services which extends from pre-project advice and project design, through to delivery, installation, maintenance and calibration. A rental service is available on most turntable products.

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