Movetech UK helps fight the flab on ITV


Movetech UK has helped ITV highlight the disturbing facts of increasing obesity in the UK by providing a turntable to demonstrate different body shapes and to create attractive displays of healthy food. The revolve, a standard 1m diameter display carousel, was rented on a short term basis for the shoot as being the most cost-effective way of introducing movement to the piece

Kim Hughes, Producer/Director at ITV explained: “We needed the turntable for the ITV Tonight ‘Obesity Timebomb’ programme for a quick turnaround studio shoot of models’ bodies.

“We also used the turntable to display food, shooting from a low angle to give much-needed movement to what ordinarily would have been very static pictures.

“Renting the revolve is best for us, particularly for such a quick turnaround, as Movetech UK can deliver at short notice from stock, and we don’t need to store the turntable for long periods.”

The carousel used in the shoot is from an extensive range of stock turntables and revolving stages up to 33m in diameter. Used widely across the TV and film industry for commercials, game shows and dramas, the range also incorporates pendulum and oscillating movement, small battery and mains powered point of sale turntables from 12cm in diameter, as well as ceiling mounted revolves. Movetech UK also offer a special range of revolves for the automotive sector.

Most turntable products are available for sale or rent to accommodate the film maker’s tight shooting schedules and short term requirements.

Quality and reliability are built in to both the equipment and service provided.

Clips from the ITV Tonight programme can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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