All round view for Scotframe Timber


Versatile turntables from Movetech UK are helping Scotframe Timber Engineering demonstrate the structure of its high thermal performance timber frame systems at homebuilding and renovating exhibitions across the UK. The turntables are proving to attract visitors to their stands and help Scotframe show the benefits of their Val-U-Therm® system to the discerning self-build customer.

Peter Hall, of Scotframe Timber, explains:

“At first we rented one of Movetech UK’s turntables to demonstrate the outstanding thermal properties of injected PU closed panel systems, a new type of timber frame building technology which has the capacity to cut heating and energy bills to virtually zero.

“By mounting a cross-section of the finished wall on a turntable we are able to give visitors an all-round view of the panel structure, which helps us reinforce the outstanding thermal properties of the product.

“We were so impressed with how the turntable transformed our exhibition stand into something exciting and eye-catching that we’ve now bought two to ensure we can cover all the shows we’ve committed to.

“Using movement in this way also means we can make better use of our stand space, thereby making the turntable a cost-effective investment.”

The revolve chosen by Scotframe Timber is a Mini Carousel from Movetech UK’s standard range of display turntables. The Mini Carousel is a particularly versatile model as the display diameter can be increased to 1.5 metres for larger items thanks to a series of extension arms and support feet.

The standard range of display movement offered by Movetech UK includes pendulums and oscillating motors, small battery and mains powered point of sale turntables from 12cm in diameter, as well as ceiling mounted revolves. Carousels and revolving stages up to 33m in diameter from stock are available to create larger or, in combination, more complex displays, and there is a special range of revolves for the automotive sector.

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