Revolve brings International Space Station to life


A ceiling mounted revolve from Movetech UK has brought a model of the International Space Station (ISS) to life at The National Space Centre in Leicester. The Centre uses the unit to allow the ISS to rotate above visitors’ heads and has incorporated rotating lighting for added dramatic effect.

Graham Law, Head of Technical Services at the Centre, explains: “The model of the ISS, though very detailed, was static and poorly lit.

“As it’s such a high quality exhibit we needed to bring it to life to attract our visitors’ attention. This was achieved by adding rotation to both the model and its lighting. It’s been tremendously successful in capturing the imagination of our visitors – particularly the younger ones, who are fascinated by the effect of the Space Station twirling silently in the sky.”

The revolve supplied by Movetech UK to create this effect is part of a standard display turntable and movement portfolio that caters for every display need. Used in department stores, heritage centres, exhibitions, supermarkets, independent retailers and car showrooms worldwide, movement from Movetech UK helps increase footfall and sales by allowing customers to see more product from all angles.

As well as ceiling mounted revolves there are point of sale movements that include pendulums and oscillating motors, and small turntables from 12cm in diameter, both battery and mains powered. Carousels and revolving stages up to 33m in diameter are available from stock to create larger or, in combination, more complex displays, and there is a special range of revolves for the automotive sector.

A clip of the rotating model of the International Space Station can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

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