Movetech UK leads the way in Quality


Movetech UK is proud to announce the company has recently been accredited the official ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Quality Systems certifications after several months of hard work and determination.

The certifications are accredited to an organisation to recognise ongoing commitment to improving the customer experience with a focus on Quality and Environment.

The ISO 9001 accreditation is a quality management system Movetech UK have had in place for a number of years, however by improving and putting into place new policies and procedures, the company is now proud to be certified the latest ISO 9001:2015 accreditation.

Movetech UK were also honoured to receive the latest ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Quality Systems certification after implementing a number of environmental policies and procedures such as enhanced health and safety measures, improved carbon management actions, in addition to a more efficient and stringent environmental strategy.

Movetech UK’s Technical Sales Director, Craig Wright was delighted with the new accreditations. “We have always been customer driven and endeavor to offer our customers an unparalleled service by always putting customers at the forefront in everything we do. Ultimately making our customers happy with the products and services they receive from us is what we continue to strive for.

“For us to be able to offer our customers high quality products and services, we need to continuously improve our day-to-day operations. Over the last several months we have introduced and improved on a vast number of our quality and environmental procedures to help us to continue offering the highest quality of products and services.

“We have enhanced our customer focus procedures and also introduced new customer satisfaction surveys allowing for more direct customer feedback. Additionally, we have re-structured our top management and the way policies and procedures are communicated throughout the business, as well as putting a much greater emphasis on our environmental responsibility than ever before.”

Following guidance provided by the International Organisation for Standardisation, or ISO as it’s better known, Movetech UK are positive the company will continue to implement new improvements, in addition to maintaining the very high level of standards they already have in place.

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK’s Managing Director added “Our goals have always been to set the best standards possible, especially in the manufacturing and engineering environment. Our customers will continue to receive high quality, reliable products and services through stringent practices and ongoing enhancements of our in-house quality processes.

“The new ISO certifications are not just an acknowledgment of all our industrious efforts we have accomplished to date, but to also recognize that we will continue to push forward and build upon our improvement process as we continue to grow and work towards our future plans and strategy.”

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