Movetech UK point-of-sale movement gets tails wagging in Simply2 Pet Products window display


A point-of-sale movement supplied by Movetech UK has helped pet care specialists, Simply2 Pet Products, create an exciting and attention-grabbing animated window display, promoting their brand and wide range of popular pet care products.

The point-of-sale movement, from Movetech UK’s retail display range, has been installed within the company’s exclusive window display in York’s largest department store, Browns.

The prominent window display offers the passing public a perfect glimpse in to the company’s strong brand and the products available to purchase at their concession within the department store. Together with a large pet character, the eye-catching animated display, in the form of a wagging dog’s tail, was sure to catch the attention of passers-by.

The window display, along with the motored wagging dog’s tail was designed and produced by visual display specialists Made You Look, who ingeniously came up with the creative idea whilst brainstorming the design of the large dog character which was to be positioned in the focal point of the window display.

Made You Look’s window display consultant, Helen Goodwin was discussing her thoughts and ideas for the project with her friend and colleague Janet, who devised the dog character concept.

“We were sat discussing ideas for the project” said Helen, “and the next thing I know Janet’s drawing a rough sketch of the dog character on the back of a napkin, as you do, and I was completely sold by the idea!

“We felt the display needed something extra, it needed an extra dimension, something different, and that’s when we thought of adding movement and making the tail of the dog move from side to side as if it was wagging, knowing for a fact it would attract a lot of attention.

“I’d seen something similar in a window display in Bristol many years ago. The movement from the display really caught my eye, so I thought I would do something similar and implement movement within the window display, and what better way to add movement than a happy dog’s tail wagging side to side, woof-ly!

“I knew exactly where I’d purchase the movement motor from as soon as we thought of the idea, and that was Movetech UK,” said Helen. “So, I jumped straight on to their online shop and unsurprisingly found the exact product I was looking for, a small point-of-sale pendulum movement motor, perfect!”

“I’ve hired a revolving turntable from Movetech UK before, I used it to rotate a display at an exhibition, and that was a real talking point, so it was a no-brainer. Movetech UK’s online shop was straightforward and easy to use and I know their team are always on-hand to offer help and advice when needed, so I was confident it would work well.”

Helen finished by saying: “Once finalised and implemented within the display, the pendulum movement worked exactly as we imagined. The final display of the dog and cat characters, with all Simply2 Pet Products branding and products around it, was a perfect example of how to showcase and utilise a window display.

“We were thrilled when Simply2 Pet Products told us they were extremely happy with the final outcome, what more could we ask for, a job well done by everyone involved!”

Simply2 Pet Products is a family-owned business based in North Yorkshire, England, with a long-dedicated history of supplying popular pet care brands to pet owners and trade partners all over the world.

Bethany Corbett, Simply2 Pet Products co-owner set up the business with her sister whilst working at their sister company, J.A.K Marketing, and moved over to run the business exclusively in 2018.

“We have since grown from a small online pet supply business to recently opening our first brick-and-mortar shop in one of York’s biggest department stores, Browns,” said Bethany. “This is where our feature window display is located, so it’s in a perfect location to attract attention.

“As this was our first venture into the world of physical retail sales, we wanted to invest our money in order to make our window display and concession stand the best we possibly could, it needed to stand out from the crowd,” Bethany added.

“We therefore looked for a local company who could help us with this. We came across Helen from Made You Look and liked the work she had previously carried out. She was so knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and had so many great ideas, we honestly couldn’t have done it without her!

“We are extremely happy with the end result. It does exactly what we hoped it would do and that’s attract attention from the passing public, it certainly makes our display fun and stands out from the other static displays.”

Bethany finished by saying: “We intend on keeping the display as it is for the time being, but it will be replaced in time to maintain brand awareness and keep things fresh and new.

“We love the movement idea and know how much attention it receives, so we will definitely do something similar with our next window display, without a doubt.

“Adding the movement wasn’t something we personally would have thought of doing, but now it’s in place, and proving to be a great success and attention attracting tool, it was undoubtedly a great idea. We would like to thank everyone involved in the project, and for making our first window display a great success!”

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