Movetech UK Turntable Technician, Michael Smith, graduates with a First-Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering


Movement technology specialist Movetech UK (Part of the British Turntable Group) has continued to invest in the future by underlining its commitment to advancing its skilled workforce.

This has been emphasised recently by turntable technician, Michael Smith, who this summer graduated with a First-Class Honours Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

Michael completed his degree through neighbouring Wigan and Leigh College as a student of UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire) with the course accredited by the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) – a world leading professional organisation who inspire, inform and influence the global engineering and technology community to engineer a better world.

Michael’s dissertation was a work-based project focusing on the stress analysis of a Movetech UK research and development project using manual calculations and simulation.

Whilst Michael continued to complete his day-to-day hands-on role as a turntable technician within his workplace at Movetech UK, he was also studying part time to complete his Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

“Working and studying towards a degree at the same time was pretty tough if I’m being honest,” said Michael. “My day’s where quite full on, especially with the pandemic thrown in to the mix as well, it made for a very long road ahead, but I set my goal, and I wasn’t going to stop until I achieved it.

“Additionally, when your job role involves working away a lot of the time, sometimes for many continuous weeks, it did pose a potential risk of me missing vital learning and information, but I was more than determined to work extra hard to stay ahead of the game, and that’s exactly what I did.

“Sometimes there were not enough hours in the day, I could be studying at home in Bolton one evening, and the morning after I could be on my way to complete a project in Scotland, the south of England or even Europe for a week or two, but I didn’t let this deter my studying, and I also didn’t let my studying prevent me from giving 100% at work either.

“I am an ambitious person, and I do like to take everything in my stride and get on with whatever is asked of me. Having this mindset has helped me achieve things, including other accreditations and awards in the past also, including a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing and Engineering, in addition to also winning an ‘Apprentice of the Year’ award a few years ago, all of which I am very proud of.

Michael then added; “I genuinely have a passion for learning, undertaking my latest degree has definitely tested me at times, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.

“I do always strive to better myself, as it benefits not only myself, but the work I undertake in my workplace too. Having a greater understanding of a specific task also gives me the opportunity to offer support to my fellow colleagues, being able to offer advice and a helping hand if they require more in-depth information and knowledge, which gives me a real sense of pride in what I do.

“It took a lot of hard work, with many early mornings and late nights to achieve my BEng (Hons) degree and to graduate with a First-Class distinction with honours, I couldn’t be prouder of myself.

“Graduating with such honours is definitely a personal achievement, but a great deal of my success is also down to the amazing support I receive from Movetech UK, who have continued to support me throughout my personal journey, and facilitated me in accomplishing something I have always wanted to achieve. I am undoubtedly looking forward to what the future holds and I am sure my latest achievement will open many new doors along the way!”

Movetech UK’s Managing Director, Tim Entwistle, was “over the moon” when Michael told him the news about his graduation and congratulated him on his “first-class achievement”.

“It’s an amazing achievement for Michael, who should be very proud of himself for what he has achieved, not just recently, but throughout the past several years also, where he has earned and accomplished many accreditations and awards for his respectable productiveness!” Tim added.

“Michael continues to prove he is a dedicated and hard-working individual, who always strives to achieve what he puts his mind too, and whatever is put in front of him, regardless of what he is asked to do, nothing ever phases him, demonstrating he is a great asset to the company.

“When you take onboard the level of work involved in undertaking and completing a degree, in addition to continuing to show his commitment to his full-time turntable technician role, it just goes to show how focused and strongminded Michael is as a person, and I strongly commend him for that.”

Tim finished by saying: “Michael works at a very high level both in and outside his work environment, with both an extensive knowledge and resolute hands-on capability. He has proved time and time again that he is both dedicated and industrious and thoroughly deserves the praise he receives for his recent graduation, and more so with First-Class Honours too, what more could you ask for from an employee!

“We will continue to support Michael throughout his journey and would once again would like to congratulate him on his recent success, and I am positive he will reap the rewards of his achievements moving forward!”

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