Movetech UK sponsors Darcy Lever Cricket Club for the sixth consecutive season


Movetech UK are proud to announce they have sponsored Darcy Lever Cricket Club for the 2021 season, a local family run cricket club located in the heart of a historic Bolton village in north-west England.

Movetech UK have sponsored and supported many local groups and charities over the years, and it’s these gestures of support they offer every year which make a huge difference to many people’s lives within the local, and surrounding areas.

“We are very proud of the support we offer local groups and charities”, said Movetech UK’s Managing Director, Tim Entwistle. “We’ve sponsored the local cricket club for the last five seasons, and when the opportunity came along to sponsor the team for a sixth consecutive year, we didn’t hesitate to help out, as we’ve formed a great relationship over the years”, Tim added.

Callum Waring, Darcy Lever Cricket Club’s first team Vice Captain was thrilled when Movetech UK offered to sponsor the club for a sixth year. “The club is an asset to the local community and it’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of” he said. “It’s the help from companies like Movetech UK which gives us that extra determination to succeed, it’s a great feeling knowing you’re being given that additional support!

“Every year we appreciate any sponsorship we are offered and never take it for granted, it gives the team a great opportunity of competing in the season ahead, and the club as a whole are always really grateful.”

Callum then went on to say: “We can’t thank Movetech UK enough for the support they have offered us over the years. The last year or so has been tough for everyone, and even though many businesses are suffering the effects of the pandemic, its humbling that they are still willing to support local groups, like ourselves, and I can assure you it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed.

“It isn’t just the teams who will benefit from the generous support Movetech UK has given us, the community as a whole will benefit, and for that, we are exceptionally thankful.”

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK’s Managing Director added: “Supporting local groups like Darcy Lever Cricket Club, helps us, also a family-run business, to build relationships and strong ties with our neighbouring community.

“As Callum mentioned, the last year or so has been really tough for everyone, including ourselves, but we understand close-knit community groups are an asset to the local area. So, offering a token of our appreciation in the form of a sponsorship, for their continued contribution to the local community, is more than thoroughly deserved!”

Movetech UK will continue to help and support the club throughout the year and wish them every luck for the current season, and the seasons ahead.

For more information on Darcy Lever Cricket Club, visit the club’s website. Additionally, you can also take a look at their official Facebook page.

Take a look at Movetech UK’s ‘Our Community’ page to see what other local community projects and events Movetech UK have been involved in.

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