Movetech UK rise to the challenge


Movetech UK have worked closely with the design team for a prestigious private dwelling in the Middle East to design and manufacture a bespoke 6 metre diameter revolving lift and tilt turntable. The system is to be installed in the abundant and opulent entrance atrium of a secure private residence, and will display any one of the clients cherished automobile collection.

The design intent was to develop a high impact visual display featuring any one of the 5 cars stored in the prestige viewing area by utilising a unique vehicle turntable with lift and tilt capability that would be controlled via an application on a mobile device, such as a smart phone. The unit would be designed to rotate, lift, and then tilt the vehicle, together with a sequence of integrated floor and surround lighting, all at the tap on a screen.

Tim Entwistle, Movetech UK’s Managing Director said: “We were given a strong vision by our client and it was up to us to make that vision a reality. Albeit the specification for the project wasn’t one of a standard machine, with the incorporated lift, tilt, unique control interface, and high level of design collaboration, however we had all the confidence in fulfilling the requests and without doubt completing the job on time and to a high standard.”

Coincidentally we were simultaneously working on a number of projects that were also going into domestic dwellings to display private collections of automobiles. One of which was the design and manufacture of four 4.2 metre diameter manually rotated turntables located in the basement so that the customer may easily manoeuvre their prized possessions in order to display them for invited audiences. We are finding this kind of project is becoming increasingly popular, which enables us to continue to portray our skills and expertise at being the market leaders in this field.”

The lift and tilt turntable was constructed in three discreet sections. The rotating mechanism would sit at the very base of the machine, on top of which the separate lift and tilt mechanisms were located, made possible by a hydraulic scissor lift (500mm lift) with combined tilt platform (10 degree tilt from front edge), and finally the very top section was a full 6m diameter circular platform that housed the floor lighting elements and controls. The turntable was designed and manufactured in-house by our expert team, working together to overcome new design and assembly challenges.

Movetech UK equipped the turntable with a bespoke positioning control system provided by Pyramid AV, one of the UK’s leading audio visual solutions providers. Pyramid created and programmed the bespoke interface for the mobile device application, that would eventually control the actions of the turntable as well as triggering the various lighting effects within the lift and wider environment.

Andy; Pyramid’s AMX programmer added: “The client is given complete freedom of control via the unique app installed on their mobile device. The system also tracks the movement of an extremely precise encoder which ensures an onscreen animation is completely accurate to a single degree, giving the user a real-time view of the display as it rotates. With a complex set of graphics and interfaces we have managed to create a very slick user control that is both accurate and reliable, and with the app available on both mobile and tablet formats, it utilizes an array of options for the client.”

The controls allow the user to change the platform rotation speed with a variable speed function, as well as deciding the direction of rotation, actuate the lift and tilt mechanisms, and even offers a choice of pre-defined lighting sequences.

The system will be shipped to the Middle East where it will be installed at the clients address under our direct supervision.


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