Movetech UK turns on the style with Gok’s Style Surgery


When ITV This Morning required a turntable to rotate a person, they turned to Movetech UK for help. The turntable was to be used on a featured part of the morning show known as Gok’s Style Surgery featuring Gok Wan, which inevitably was focused on fashion.

Ms Lafond from the design team says: “After consulting with Movetech UK on the phone as to the application, we had all the confidence we needed to work with them on this particular project.

We presented Movetech UK with our requirements and they were able to specify a suitable solution by supplying us with a 1m diameter Midi Carousel unit, additionally it had a special built-in control that gave us the option to change the speed from zero to four revolutions per minute, which we think was quite significant when filming.”

The Midi Carousel range was recommended for such an application because it is ideal for rotating a person and in some cases two people standing back-to-back or facing each other, and has been used successfully by a large number of our customers. Plus the friction drive the unit has makes it very smooth in operation which is also a vital point our customers ask for when requiring a turntable for filming.”

Ms Lafond added: “When the turntable was in use, videoing the models was effortless and portrayed the exact results we desired giving us a full 360 degree view of each model. Viewers at home were welcomed with a trouble-free presentation that allowed them to observe all of the fashion we had on-show in one simple sequence, furthermore making it a great deal more comfortable for our models not having to time manual rotations live on air.”

Even though you don’t actually see the turntable, the unit did a flawless job, it was precisely what we required and everyone including the film crew praised how well the rental unit worked.”

The project was a great success and we were pleased with the results that much we have decided to purchase a unit as we are planning on using it extensively throughout the year and it was a more cost effective option to purchase rather than renting the unit on a regular basis.”

Overall an excellent result for everyone and we look forward to inviting Movetech UK to any other proposed projects we may have in the future!”

You can view video clips of the show by visiting and

For further information you can also visit the ITV This Morning website, plus Twitter and Facebook.

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