Movetech UK turns Italian


Turntables from Movetech UK (the new name for British Turntable) have been turning heads in southern France and in Italy, where local agents Idealpark are working closely with prestigious organisations to create exciting and dynamic product displays using movement.

Avantgarde, an Italian luxury magazine used one of the units to create the ‘wow’ factor at the ‘Top Marques’ exhibition in Monte Carlo. As the name suggests, the event was designed to show off the best of the best, and the Movetech UK turntable complemented the €100,000 Confederate Wraith motorcycle to perfection. The moving display was so successful it drew several influential visitors to the stand, including Prince Rainier of Monaco.

Meanwhile a smart Audi dealership, Vicentini Spa, launched the new Audi Q5 to their most important clientele at their new showroom in Verona, where Idealpark is based.

Elisa Tomasello of Idealpark explains: “The Audi event was spectacular. Combined with an exciting floor show, the turntable really helped attract attention to the new car and created an ideal setting for the launch.

“We are finding that Movetech UK’s display movement is becoming very popular as it adds style to an exhibition or event. The units are very cost-effective to rent, making them ideal for short term needs at exhibitions and product launch events.”

Movetech UK has a wide range of display movement available off the shelf to buy or rent, including turntables and revolving stages up to 20 metres in diameter. A bespoke service is also available, offering a full design, supply and install facility with on-site support where required.

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