Movetech UK turns up the heat in Dubai


Movetech UK’ distributors in Dubai, Metel DXB, turned up the heat at the recent Dubai Motor Show by supplying four revolving stages to some of the world’s best-known car manufacturers. In each case the 6 metre diameter stages were used to draw attention to the very latest models and concept cars.

Toyota were delighted with the 24/7 service offered by Metel and with the quality and reliability of the Movetech UK turntable. Their stand designers created a particularly dramatic display, revolving Toyota’s ‘standard car for the Next ERA’ at an angle with brilliant lighting effects. The effect was stunning.

General Motors chose the 6m revolving stage to display the Stingray concept car. Influenced by the Stingray race car introduced in 1959, its futuristic, part racecar, part spaceship styling was mirrored beautifully by the silvered deck. The movement, by catching the light as the stage revolved, reinforced the science fiction theme, creating an eye-catching show. A second revolving stage was used by General Motors to display a new class of vehicle, the Volt, the world’s first extended range electric vehicle. (E-Rev).

The LFA, the first supersports from Lexus also received a large number of admiring fans as the revolving stage complemented the striking design of the new handbuilt car, reputed to be one of the fastest in the world. The movement allowed racing enthusiasts to inspect and admire the car from all angles at their leisure.

Sampath Kumar, Manager at Metel DXB, says: “All of our customers were delighted at the effect the movement added to their stands at the show. Not only did the revolving stages help draw attention to the cars, they also created added effects as the ambient lighting was reflected off the vehicles – a real light show!

The revolving stages were rented to Toyota, General Motors and Lexus for the duration of the show, a service which is particularly popular in the exhibitions and events industries. In addition to the revolving stage range, Movetech UK offers a number of smaller revolves for rent, including models specifically designed for the automotive industry. A full delivery, installation and on-site support service is available where required.

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