Movetech UK wow with Emerson Lake and Palmer


When Emerson Lake and Palmer took to the stage in their 40th anniversary year at London’s Victoria Park on 25th July – the first time they have played together in 10 years – Movetech UK also took centre stage in the reunion spectacular, billed as the climax to the weekend’s inaugural High Voltage Festival.

ELP have been renowned from their beginnings for their stunning onstage effects, and it was drummer, Carl Palmer’s suggestion that the 3 metre revolving stage could recreate the excitement and pizzazz of their early years. With drum kit on top, the revolve spins the drummer – one of rock and roll’s greatest – and, thanks to the specially mounted wheels underneath it – shoots him to the front of the stage for his celebrated solo extravaganzas.

“I’m incredibly excited about the drum riser,” says Carl. “It was fantastic in rehearsals, and Movetech UK pulled out all the stops to make sure it was a success at the festival. My confidence paid off – it definitely created the wow factor we’d been looking for.”

Movetech UK was equally enthusiastic about the event and the impression the revolve made on both performers and audience. “It was a fantastic event to be involved with,” says Movetech UK’s Rental Manager, Matt Forrest, “and with the film of the event being available on DVD and as a broadcast, our capabilities will be seen worldwide.”

ELP’s performance at the High Voltage Festival will also be part of a live album and DVD for release later in the year.

To ensure that the revolve met the band’s requirements and was available for rehearsals, Movetech UK worked closely with ELP’s management company, QEDG, delivering and installing the stage whenever and wherever it was needed to fit the tight rehearsal schedule.

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