JUNG jacks and skates make light work of moving lathe


A package of JUNG hydraulic jacks, castors and steerable trolley supplied by Movetech UK is helping Hawke International UK to move and install heavy machinery quickly and safely at their plant in Ashton under Lyne, Greater Manchester.

The company, a world supplier of cable glands, EXE GRP Enclosures, exe stainless steel enclosures, ex connectors and transformer breathers, needs to move machine tools and other heavy plant round the workshop. As Production Engineer, Carl Heitmar, explains:

“The latest machine we have had to move is a large 1” x 6 spindle Wickman automatic lathe, which weighs in at 5335 kg.

“In the past the most common method would be to pay contractors to use their heavy moving equipment to take care of the job. However, access for the required fork lift trucks of 10 tonnes plus capacity is often restricted, and heavy moving plant cannot be used. In these cases an alternative method would be to use winches (tirfors) and low tech skates, which require the shop floor to be drilled in numerous locations for anchorage. This is both time-consuming and labour intensive.

“Over the years I have been responsible for moving a number of heavy machine tools, and I have found that the best solution is to use heavy duty skates such as those supplied by Movetech UK. Heavy machinery can be moved very quickly and at little extra cost once the equipment has been bought.

“The JUNG jacks, skates and trolley were more than up to the latest job and will, in fact, take weights up to 13,000 kg.”

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