New and improved product range: JUNG container transport cassettes with ‘Twistlock’ (G-series)


For years we have recognised the expertise of Jung as the highest quality provider of mechanical lifting and moving solutions in the heavy duty machinery handling sector and consequently acted as their UK partner. We are pleased to announce that they have recently increased the capacity, and improved the performance of, their specialist wheeled transport cassettes for moving the largest storage containers.

JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH, based in Waiblingen near Stuttgart, has been dealing with lifting and moving heavy loads of up to 200 tons for more than 40 years. True to their company slogan – “our strength: more ideas” – JUNG regularly develops new products in conjunction with their customer base; reacting to constantly improve and match the specialist equipment they provide to meet the diverse and specific requirements of those customers.

These container transport trolleys are based on the existing heavy-duty chassis of the G series cassettes, which have been tried and tested for many years. An improved formulation of the polyurethane tyre mixture made it possible to further increase the load-bearing capacity of the wheels making the cassettes even slimmer and easier to handle.

Two versions with a total capacity of 40 or 60 tons are available for container transport. The JUWAthan Professional wheels, with a diameter of 140 mm, offer optimum running properties due to the flexibility and resilience of the tyre, even on uneven paths and paved surfaces. Recessed rails and small edges can be safely overcome with confidence.

The containers are connected to the chassis by means of lockable screw caps, or “Twistlocks”. In the “Twistlock” version, these are securely welded to the turntable or chassis of the fixed cassettes. For transport, the containers are placed on the locks fixed to the cassettes and by turning the bolt on the ”Twistlock” through 90 degrees, a secure and rigid connection is made. The connecting rods between the wheeled cassettes are set to 2.26 meters to match the ISO dimension of the standard containers. The equipment is provided complete with the drawbar with towing eye. Galvanized wheel axles, bolts and circlips ensure optimum corrosion protection for external use and the extremely low installation height of only 300 mm also allows the container passage through doors with a clear height of just 3 metres.

For containers with special dimensions, that do not comply to ISO standards, other connecting rods between the cassettes can also be manufactured on customer request. Track widths up to 3 metres can be readily accommodated.

When lifting the containers for insertion of the wheeled cassettes, various models of specialist JUNG machinery jacks are available, ideally suited to match these transport cassettes. Further information on the specialist JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH product range is available on our web site (MH to insert link) with various explanatory video clips of equipment in use.

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