New and improved product range: JUNG JLA-e – electrically driven transport steering units with battery


As the UK distributor for Jung, the specialist producer of mechanical materials handling equipment, we are pleased to announce one of their most exciting recent developments. Their range of wheeled machinery skates are now available with battery powered miniature tractor units, no longer do you need winches, tow tractors, forklifts or an army of Russian weightlifters to safely move heavy loads on uneven floors. It can be done safely and easily by one operator with a radio remote control. For some years they have produced units that had pneumatic powered traction drive units but these were plagued by the umbilical hoses necessary to provide the compressed air supply, the new battery powered units are a much simpler solution with no messy, troublesome external connections necessary.

Since 1972 JUNG Hebe- und Transporttechnik GmbH near Stuttgart has been developing, designing and producing professional heavy-duty transport equipment for loads of up to 200 tons, using state-of-the-art production methods. A new top-of-the-range product from JUNG is the electrically driven steering cassette JLA-e with battery, in various performance classes.

With the compact JLA-e 15/30 G power steering with electric drive, loads of up to 15 tonnes can be picked up on the turntable of the front machinery skate. Used in combination with the existing, proven rear transport trolleys of the G series, up to 30 tonnes can be moved. The powerful JLA-e 25/50 H offers an even higher load capacity of up to 25 tonnes; and used in combination with the appropriate rear transport trolley, loads of up to 50 tonnes can be manoeuvred without difficulty. The JLA 25/50 H has an installation height of just 230 mm, matching the existing tried and extensively tested G-series trolleys which can be increased to 230 mm. These wheeled cassettes have been used successfully by professional heavy-duty transporters for many years.

New in development and soon to be introduced to the market is a compact JLA-e 5/10 with 5 tonnes load capacity and 10 tonnes tractive force.

The drive battery of the steering gears is particularly powerful: the lithium battery system can be used under load for an impressive 4-6 hours. Long enough for the most complex manoeuvre and with a fast battery charging time of only 60-90 minutes down time is minimised. A state-of-the-art pulse charger is matched precisely to the high-performance battery used. Operation is simple on all models: the movement is controlled by the radio remote control via two spring loaded control levers.

The remote control is very light and can be easily worn with the provided supporting waist belt. The battery unit simply clips on to the powered cassette and can be removed by one person for re-charging or storage.

The transport of some of the heaviest machinery can now be accomplished safely and easily by one person in complete control of even the most complex manoeuvre totally independent of the availability of a tractor or a forklift. Even in very confined spaces, the JLA steering system can be placed under the machine because it is highly manoeuvrable and can be turned 360° on the spot.

To view this impressive, compact, equipment in use simply follow this link (MH to insert hyperlink), or contact us for further information.

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